Whether it happens at a store or a friend's house, or anywhere in between, slip and fall accidents are fairly common. Sometimes the property owner is responsible for the injured party's injuries, but not always.

Some of the common slip and fall accidents occurring indoors are:​

  • Wet floor
  • Improperly waxed floor
  • Torn or bulging carpet
  • Improper lighting
  • Broken stair railing

Similarly, someone may become injured outdoors due to:​

  • Weather conditions like rain, ice, or snow
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Poor maintenance of parking lots or sidewalks
  • Unexpected objects in path

Generally, liability of the owner is contingent upon whether he or she took the appropriate action to correct the problem or at least warn people of the problem. Slip and fall accidents can be very complex. You need an Expert Personal Injury Trial Attorney Slip and Fall Specialist with a highly successful track record to help you win the best recovery available. Florida Personal Injury Law Team has Expert Personal Injury Trial Attorney Slip and Fall Specialists.

​Mr. Schmitt has personally obtained one of the largest Slip and Fall Jury Verdicts in Vero Beach, Florida (known in the profession as, "Zero Vero" for their conservative jury verdicts). In another recently contested liability slip and fall jury trial the judge granted a rare Directed Verdict on the issue of liability (ruled that Mr. Schmitt's client won liability as a matter of law) in favor of Mr. Schmitt's client after Mr. Schmitt got the Defendant's Manager to admit (for the first time) while on the witness stand at trial, that the accident was the Hotel's fault. If you have been injured in a Slip and Fall Accident, you need the Expert Slip and Fall Specialist Trial Attorneys at Florida Personal Injury Law Team.