Motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic. The rider is often the person seriously injured even when they are travelling at a low-speed. Motorcycle accidents are frequently caused by negligence of other motorists who share the road with motorcycle riders. Motorcyclists can be overlooked on the roadway or speeding drivers may not have time to react to avoid a collision. Yielding right of way is the law but for motorcycles, that can be difficult for other vehicles because they can be easily overlooked. Unfortunately, in many cases, the motorcycle driver is blamed for causing an accident, even when they are not actually at fault, and juries are prejudiced against motorcyclists for many reasons.In order to succeed in obtaining fair compensation in motorcycle accident cases, you need an Expert Personal Injury Trail Attorney Motorcycle Specialist to handle your case. Florida Personal Injury Law Team has those Expert Personal Injury Trial Attorney Motorcycle Specialists and has developed a team of experts in order to help win these challenging cases. Mr. Schmitt has personally obtained the Second Largest Motorcycle Jury Verdict Ever on behalf of a motorcyclist in the State of Florida. If you have been injured in a motorcycle collision you need the Expert Personal Injury Trial Attorney Motorcycle Specialists at Florida Personal Injury Law Team.