If you are injured while riding a bicycle, you need the Expert Bicycle Accident Trial Specialist Attorneys at Florida Personal Injury Law Team. Bicyclists have the same rights as automobiles in the State of Florida.

With ride services such as Uber and Lyft becoming more prevalent as motor vehicles on the road today, bicycle vs. service vehicle accidents involving these ride services are on the rise. Liability and various types of insurance issues can be confusing and complex. You need an Expert Bicycle Accident Personal Injury Trial Specialist Attorney to handle these complex bicycle vs. service vehicle accident cases. At Florida Personal Injury Law Team we have those Expert Bicycle Accident Personal Injury Trial Specialist Attorneys. Mr. Schmitt personally spent nearly a year handling his most recent bicycle accident case. This case resulted in a settlement of more than $3 Million Dollars. Contact us and we'll schedule a free consultation to discuss the details of your accident and to what you may be entitled. In the meantime, if you haven't already, be sure to do the following:

  • Report the collision to your own automobile insurance company, if you have insurance. If not, and you live with someone who has motor-vehicle insurance, you may report the claim to that company.
  • Do not speak about the details of the accident to anyone who was actually involved in the accident. You may speak to the police or medical professionals who may be treating you, but not the actual party who hit you.
  • Take photographs of the bicycle and of the roadway or intersection where the accident occurred.
  • If you're able to get witnesses names and contact information, do.
  • If you are injured, or not sure if you are, get medical attention immediately. Florida limits the time you have to report injuries to just fourteen days from the date of accident.
  • Ask for, and keep, all documentation that you can get. The accident report may not be readily available but the police are likely able to provide an exchange of information at the cite of the accident.
  • At the hospital or medical facility with whom you treat, be sure to provide your automobile insurance and your health insurance information (when applicable).